Newborn & Pregnancy Photography

While waiting for the miracle of birth, you have many emotions, such as excitement, happiness, pride, delight, but also anxiety and fear. We can transfer all of these emotions to photography, which will give you positive energy for many years to come.

Portrait Photography

Portraits are not just a play with light, shadow, colours, and props, but also with feelings and emotions.

I really like to bring out from my models this special glow that makes portraits unique.

Professional portraits are part of an artistic image. Everyone has different emotions, different looks, everyone has something different to show and what makes them so original.

Family Photography

I believe that children’s and family sessions are very special, there is a lot of love and joy in them. But most of that, that is very important souvenirs, because the time is running out very quickly, and we do not remember a lot of things after a while, however, when we look at the pictures, we can smile, cheer up and retain those nice moments what we had in our lives.

Mini Me Photography

Mini sessions are designated to be short, fun, enjoyable photo session in one location. That offer is designed to fit every need, so there is always a way to make it happen. 

Fallow us

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